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But do I really need a dental x-ray?

If you think you can’t afford x-rays this time around, just think about whether you can afford to skip them…

· In the United States, 29,600 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 1994 and 7,925 will die from it.

· In Arizona, 350 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 1994 and 100 will die from it.

· Besides tobacco consumption, drinking more than 3 oz. of alcohol a day (2 beers per week) puts you at an increased risk for oral cancer.

· About 1 of 2 people diagnosed with oral cancer will survive 5 years.

· In the early states, oral cancer is usually not painful. This is the ideal time for your dentist to identify it in the mouth or by x-ray. Without regular dental x-rays, it’s no surprise that by the time it’s detected, the cancer has grown, perhaps spread, and survival rates drop.

· The American Cancer Society recommends getting a dental examination every 6 months. Also, according to the American Cancer Society: “Most medical and dental x-rays are adjusted to deliver the lowest dose possible without sacrificing image quality.”
Dental X-Rays are the only way your dentist can see if tumors are growing in your jaws and beneath the surface of your gums



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